Researching work and Development

Development of medicines

PIQ-PHARMA is proud of its developments of creating finished dosage forms. We have combined over 25 years of experience, the professionalism of technologists and the aim to make effective, safe and convenient medicines. According the growing demand for new drugs in 2013, a PIQ-PHARMA TECH technological laboratory was created in The Slava Technopark in Moscow.

Nowadays, the laboratory implements about 10 pharmaceutical development projects per year, including liquid non-sterile and solid dosage forms: tablets, hard capsules, granules, non-sterile solutions, drops, syrups, suspensions, emulsions, gels. The laboratory conducts rapid prototyping of the SFF and the development of technology for its further introduction in the enterprise production (particularly, at the PIQ-PHARMA LEK department), documentation for pharmaceutical development is processing.

PIQ-PHARMA TECH successfully implements the following tasks:

  • pharmaceutical development of final drugs;
  • preparation of documentation accompanying pharmaceutical development;
  • technology transfer of final drug product;
  • organization of programs for the study of stability, establishment of expiration dates (accelerated and long-term storage);
  • optimization of the existing technology in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, materials, labor costs and improve product quality;
  • educational seminars on pharmaceutical technologies for employees of the pharmaceutical industry on the basis of the laboratory, preparation of training programs for students.

Development of final exact dosage forms in our own technological laboratory


The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for conducting experiments and experimental development with subsequent adaptation to industrial production.

Technical equipment of the PIQ-PHARMA TECH laboratory:

  • installation for granulation in fluidized bed Innojet Ventilus 2.5;
  • rotary tablet press Cambcavi C & C800;
  • Senco FC502 reactor for the production of LF;
  • manual capsule filling machine ProFiller 1100.


Control and measuring equipment:

  • moisture analyzer for powders and granules Sartorius MA35;
  • tester for measuring the flowability of powders and granules Erweka GTL;
  • tester for determining the crushing strength of tablets Guoming YD-1;
  • tester for determining the disintegration of Guoming BJ-1 tablets;
  • tester for determining abrasion of tablets IS-1;
  • pH meter / ionometer Mettler Toledo S220;
  • climatic chamber Binder KBF 720 with software for GLP-compatible control APT-Com™;
  • and other devices.




PIQ-PHARMA creates new medicines for various nosological areas with attention to the unmet needs of patients in accordance with the requirements of the EAEU and good laboratory, clinical, industrial practices.

One of the main competencies of PIQ-PHARMA is to make special children’s drugs in liquid dosage form so that doctors and parents have the opportunity to treat children from an early age.

We’re not just making medicines for adults. We consider it an important mission to create medicines that will help reduce the suffering of young patients with epilepsy as well, therefore, among other things, we are replenishing our medicine list with a special series of original and generic anticonvulsants.

PIQ-PHARMA is interested in developing its drug list. Our strategic aspirations and ongoing developments are focused primarily on the following therapeutic areas:

  • pediatrics;
  • gastroenterology;
  • neurology;
  • cardiology;
  • colds.