PIQ-PHARMA, being an innovative company, performs search for promising scientific research results for their further development and marketing as new medical products. These tasks are performed by a special subdivision, which is engaged in selection and comprehensive expertise of various innovative projects.

PIQ-PHARMA innovative projects

When developing products, the company representatives tightly cooperate with the representatives of fundamental and applied branches of knowledge. The Company extends the areas of search of new offers with the use of scientific, patenting and other sources.

All the necessary complex of preclinical and clinical trials is performed in leading Russian Scientific and clinical centers having respective licenses in accordance with up to date registration requirements. This allows the company to successfully register and in the future supply their products to the domestic market as well as to the CIS market.

PIQ-PHARMA is always ready to consider offers from the third-party organizations and persons for development and implementation of new medical products at any level of elaboration: from an idea to a ready file.