Contract manufacturing

The PIQ-PHARMA company offers cooperation in the development non-sterile liquid (solutions and syrups for oral administration) and solid (tablets, pills and capsules) dosage forms.

The PIQ-PHARMA LEK enterprise regularly undergoes Russian and international quality audits. Currently, the project for the transfer of the drug “Magnerot®” (Wörwag Pharma GmbH, Germany) has been implemented.


Full cycle partner opportunities

  • development of new products and dosage forms;
  • development and adaptation of technologies to industrial conditions;
  • development of regulatory and other documentation;
  • making samples for registration and clinical trials.



  • full cycle of production of finished dosage forms;
  • advanced technologies;
  • ensuring the safety of raw materials in the production of API;
  • highly qualified staff;
  • pharmaceutical quality system in accordance with GMP standards;
  • solid and non-sterile liquid of dosage forms.


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