PIQ-PHARMA brings to market a new original drug for the treatment of epilepsy-Dibufelon® (phenosanic acid) capsules 200 mg.

This is completely new epilepsy modifying tool in the arsenal of neurologists.
The first batch of packages of Dibufelon ® has already been delivered to the retail pharmacy network.

Epilepsy is one of the areas of strong scientific interest in neurology. More than 50,000,000 people all over the world suffer from epilepsy and more than 1 million people are in Russia [12].

Most anticonvulsants has purpose to reduce the frequency of seizures and increase the intervals between attacks. The tactics of prescribing a single drug in the initial selection of antiepileptic therapy often do not allow achieving such an effect. Therefore, increasingly, epileptologists choose polytherapy - the simultaneous administration of several anticonvulsants.

Along with the neurotoxicity caused by the course of epilepsy itself, the toxic effect on the central nervous system may be associated with antiepileptic drugs. Their long-term use leads to an increase in the formation of free radicals and oxidative damage to neurons, exacerbating the negative impact on the functions of higher nervous activity (decreased memory, concentration, decreased speed of thought processes, emotional and behavioral disorders and asthenic manifestations) [34].

The pro-oxidative effect of anticonvulsants can also lead to increased convulsive readiness due to increased excitability of neurons and / or induction of neuronal damage, which can lead to a loss of effectiveness or the development of functional tolerance to anticonvulsant therapy [56].

Thus, the use of antioxidants and neuroprotectors that promote the increase of neuronal viability and neuronal plasticity, as well as regulate the metabolic activity of neurons, is justified as part of the complex therapy of epilepsy [7].

It was found in preclinical and clinical studies, that, being an antioxidant by nature Dibufelon ® has a neuroprotective effect in add-on therapy.

In clinical practice it has procognitive and antifatigue effect, improving the well-being of these patients, as well as increasing the effectiveness and safety of complex therapy for epilepsy.

Dibufelon ® is registered in Russia (RU No. LP-005332) as a add-on therapy in patients with partial epileptic seizures with or without secondary generalization.

Dibufelon® is a synthetic antioxidant from the class of spatially hindered phenols. Dibufelon ® stabilizes neuronal membranes by inhibiting the processes of peroxidation and changes in the lipid composition of the brain cell membranes. By correcting the microviscosity of the lipid component of the cell membrane, it regulates the activity of adenylate cyclase and protein kinase C., eliminates epileptiform activity

Thanks to this mechanism, it normalizes the processes of arousal in the central nervous system, prevents the development of convulsive seizures, tonic extension.

Dibufelon® also has a neuroprotective effect, which is manifested by an improvement in intellectual-mnestic and cognitive functions in patients with epilepsy, helps to reduce neurological deficits and improve daily motor activity [7].


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